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BLW: Let’s welcome the sensational techie, Narayanan Palani to Book Lovers World. He is a leading digital technology specialist with considerable years of experience in software testing including research and development. His proven track record of success with seven international research papers and thirteen international certifications from globally acclaimed institutions, such as the British Computer Society, PRINCE2, AXELOS, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Wipro. He has authored three books (Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed, Mobile Software Testing published by BecomeShakespeare Publishers, Advanced Test Strategy published by Penguin Partridge Publishers) on digital technology which stands as best reviewed books across the globe and Software Automation Testing has been listed as a Best Seller among Computer Science New Releases in Amazon India.

Narayanan Palani: Thanks for such generous introduction! It’s great to be here at Book Lovers World.

BLW: Firstly, congratulations on the getting published your debut book “Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed”. Tell us a little about yourself.

Narayanan Palani: As a Test Automation Specialist with MS and Executive MBA masters, I have been working for world leading clients with handful of technologies and also training technical graduates and professionals with few years of experience to acquire good software engineering roles. I have been awarded as an Exceptional Talent of UK by TechCity UK and my books have been referred across famous technical universities for research. My primary ambition is to build strong youths with powerful employability skills. I have sketched my books to work as job vending machines and help enthusiastic younger generation across the globe. I was not a consistent topper in schools and failed in Higher Secondary Board Exams which led me to retake the exams, since then my goals are to help the people who have been struggling come up in life. Recently I trained twenty five professionals and helped them getting well paid test automation roles and most of them are working across leading banks and software companies.

BLW: Tell us about your book Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed, what it means to you, and how you conceived the idea of writing the first ever book on Software Automation Testing with a complete Automation Project available for book readers? How long did it take to write this book?

Narayanan Palani: Actual plan of writing such a strong book started in the year 2008,since then I have been talking to professionals across United States, UK, India and Australia to get a better view of what exactly required to get a first job in Software Companies. First chapters were getting shaped in the year 2011 with rough ideas. Chapters are completed during 2014 and mid 2015 but the automation code projects extended until end of 2015 to complete without any major defects and then made available in GITHUB to help the book readers. This book has been reviewed for eight months and released finally during Feb 2016 and then listed as a Best Seller of Computer Science New Arrivals in Amazon India till date!

BLW: Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed is for a technical crowd. We would like to know the homework you did for five years to write this book.

Narayanan Palani: Number of failures I had during the automation test project implementations helped me to understand what not to do! Made eight research papers with various in-depth analysis which includes psychology, machine learning and management implementation over software testing and gave a strong basement over the book making idea! But writing a book need mastery skills hence I have been undertaking and successfully completed twelve international testing certifications that shaped my skill sets consistently. Small Automation Projects made before writing this book has been helped to get an idea of how a complete book should suppose to be! Especially a technical book with exclusive test automation project is a complete solution to any job seeker which is not available in the market until 2015. So I have been reading famous automation testing books and noted the missing elements in them for a entry graduates and job seekers. Thus the book shaped slowly every year with the idea of filling the gaps which are not existing in the libraries hence ‘Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed’ made with slow and steady home work of market analysis.

BLW: What were your biggest learning experience(s) or surprise(s) throughout the publishing process?

Narayanan Palani: Learning Experiences: It is hard to publish a book and hardest to promote in the present world where no one have time to read a book!; Surprises: Amount of hard-work by book project managers, especially Rinky Gopalani who managed my recent book!

BLW: Did your academic background help you write this book?

Narayanan Palani: MS Software Engineering of BITS Pilani: Tedious project making experience of technical software helped to make easy to understand projects for my book. Full Time Executive MBA from SIMSR Mumbai: Let’s take an example of Book Marketing in publishing process. As a marketing management graduate, I have been successful in getting my books as Best Sellers for the past three years-that too without spending any money on advertisements! This is one of the wonderful learning journey and my management background helps me to understand what exactly required by the readers and how best it has to be delivered!

BLW: What was your biggest learning from writing this book?

Narayanan Palani: Having Ambitions is common; But getting the ambitions working in right direction is exceptional!

BLW: Tell us about your experience working with BecomeShakespeare.com.

Narayanan Palani: They just follow my instructions across the publishing process no matter how hard it is to follow! Also Project Managers bring unforgettable experience of book making skills. For an example, It has been six months I spent exclusively for bringing the book from Final Copy to Printed Book and eBook versions and Rinky (Project Manager of Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed) have been working non-stop to get the things done by co-ordinating various teams. In fact, she worked in UK hours to match the needs and get the work going on speed!

BLW: We would be happy to know about any future projects that you are currently working on?

Narayanan Palani: At the moment, I have been shaping my thoughts on the next book ‘Software Testing Expert’ which is planned for a 2017 or 2018 release with 600+ pages and 10+ projects which will be targeted for computer science students and job seekers. Since it is a big project, I have planned the writing works across seven stages which would run for two complete years.

Also as a motivational writer, my articles are getting built for my first book on ‘Self Inspiration’ with the title ‘ROAR’. This would be planned to release in the end of 2020 (approximately)

BLW: Message for the book lovers in this world!

Narayanan Palani: Books sometimes sleep in libraries. But sometimes change a complete generation!

Thank you so much for your time, Narayanan. It’s our pleasure to chat with you!

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