This book is going to be an amazing read, will keep you curious and thoughtful throughout!

The Blurb:

She last saw her father when she was eight months old. Now, 18 years later, she is going to meet him.

There is something strange about the man she meets. Is he really her father? Or a stranger who may be her father’s killer?

What happens when a perfect plan turns around the next nine days into a spine-chilling race to kill and to stay alive?

Love. Lies. Deceit.

Twists. Turns. Murder.

It’s just the beginning. Because, every story has an untold truth.

An answer to a gun is another gun. Answer to deceit is love….

An eventful journey of a middle aged, hardcore, lonely shooter with a multi-million task falls in love with the teenage daughter of the man whom he has brutally killed. He has a past…his present changes the history…his future is in her hand…

A girl who landed up in his life from nowhere, changes him and his fate forever. Secrets will throw them into the whirlpool of illusions, which going to test the purity of the reality!!! Their amazing journey brings the unusual tale of love, and race against time to to kill and stay alive.

Will it break them or bring back them together???

A crime thriller with an extra-ordinary end….


‘So you are not leaving me, right?’ She put her arms around him.
Mark said, ‘Happiness can wait. You have to be alive for that.’

‘It was time to go, feel better, where no memories and tears haunted her. She saw black…’

‘The end justifies the fear and the struggle.’

‘…giving her a roof above her head and the name wasn’t the only responsibility of the father…’

About The Author:

Sheeja Jose is a daydreamer. She believes in a world beyond religion, love movies and stories. She remember the stories told by her grandma, and remember the books read by her mother and her siblings. She loved the world existed only in imaginations and thus she chose to become a story teller over her studies. Hence a runaway student became an assistant director in Bollywood, turned creative director turned author and that’s her – Sheeja Jose – in short.

Sheeja was Born and brought up in ‘God’s own country’ Kerala, did psychology in ‘God’s own city’ Mumbai. Writing wasn’t a cakewalk for sure, however she do enjoy it, over everything…

You can contact her:


The story has been very craftily woven in the present and past, which unfolds at a very appropriate pace. It starts quite unexpectedly with a duel between two assassins, one of them walks alive only to land up in a trouble of meeting the daughter of the other. The destiny has its own plans, wherein the girl, Nimisha aka Bomber Girl and the survivor, Mark teams up to kill the PM of India. Arjun, a cop has been assigned the duty of saving the Indian Prime Minister. They all set out on their respective missions, escaping their deaths, trying to survive. But remember, the truth is not what you see, game is not lost till the last move has been played. Not revealing any other details, I’d say something unpredictable awaits you.

The Reviewer’s Heart…

I generally keep targets for finishing a book, and I kept 7 days for finishing this one. I started it late night and the story was so intriguing and interesting at the same time, that I finished it in less than 7 hours (PS I’m not at all exaggerating). The book tells us about ‘Karma’, with a hidden moral of ‘what goes around comes back’. The language of the book is lucid yet compelling, author has created an aura which binds the author with the plot of the book and there is no breaking of link anywhere in the book. Being an emotional guy, I’d add some part of the book did moisten my eyes, and I believe the author wanted just that. The author has done a very neat job in transitions that the plot as well as individual characters take. Readers are busy throughout the book, as the characters’ perception keeps on changing, while a character maybe shown in bright light in one part; the same character would be shown in dark light by cheekily providing some addition information that creates an illusion in front of the readers.

This novel has been very well narrated and the story unfolds in quite suspenseful manner, which glues the reader as it is more like a rollercoaster ride where you don’t know what may come next and you enjoy as you get along with it.

What I liked?

I liked the simple language and strong plot of the book which entertains the reader throughout the course of the adventure. I’d also appreciate the author’s research regarding this book, making it as close to reality as possible.

I simply loved the character of Arjun, the cop, who was a great professional. In a situation where even the stone hearted people gave up to their emotions, Arjun remained committed to his duty, he knew how to create a balance between the professional and personal life, though he struggled in between but everyone had a trust in him that he would manage, and at the end he really did.

What I disliked?

There is simply nothing that is lacking in this thriller. It’s a complete package with lots of twists and turns which are expected by murder thrillers and keeps the reader entertained and puzzled till the very end.

Why should one read this book?

Though the book does give out a hidden message about the karma and completing of the circle of life, this book should be read for the thrill it offers. The book is one of the few books you can take on a long train journey, or can read on a chilly night to give you a spine-chilling experience.

Blurb: 5/5
Description: 4/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Excerpt: 5/5
Book Cover: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

Book Details:
Title: Gone With The Bullet
Author: Sheeja Jose
Genre: Thriller
Type: Paperback
Publisher: White Wall Publishers
Language: English
Pages: 318
Year of Publication: 2015
Price: 195 INR
Buy Paperback: Flipkart | Amazon

Stars… To this fantastic reading ride full of suspense and thrill with an exceptionally moving narration; I give a five-star rating.

Gone With The Bullet will stand up to your expectations with an exceptionally moving narration. Main characters of the story appear so real and alive to have you moved along with themselves. This book weave a magic with the sword of words. A ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Book that will keep you mesmerized for a long time. Highly recommended for all. A must read. No second thoughts!

This book was given to me by author in exchange for an honest review. I am glad to read and review it. The opinions expressed in the review are my own, and remain unbiased and uninfluenced. I have given a five-star rating on Goodreads and FlipKart as I nothing less than that would be fair.

About the Reviewer: Shashank Tyagi, an undergraduate student at BML Munjal University, loves to read and question. A passionate quizzer, who has participated in various national level quizzes at school and aspires to do good in college quizzing as well. He is a self-proclaimed sports geek and a secular nationalist, (pardon the oxymoron). A bibliophile, with special love for poetry though he spends his free time answering or framing questions.

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