Have you ever imagined reading the interview of the leading characters from a book? If you haven’t then get ready to meet and greet, Meera, Aman, and Abhay the lead characters of the book Seeking Redemption by Madhu Vajpayee.

BLW: Meera can you tell us a little about yourself?

Meera: I am an ordinary girl trying to make a place for myself in this big mad world. Although I lose a lot in the process but somewhere in this, I have found myself.

BLW: Aman can you tell us a little about yourself?

Aman: I don’t know how exactly I can describe myself. But in short, I am a little shy person who wants to keep to himself. Perhaps becasue of my past, I have gone into a shell and afraid of opening up to the world.

BLW: Abhay can you tell us a little about yourself?

Abhay: I am a very regular guy who believes in hard work and making one’s own destiny. My humble background has ensured that I remain grounded whatsoever the situation may be.

BLW: Is this the author’s real life story?

Meera: Not exactly but I did feel that author was trying to find herself in my character. In my pain, in my dilemmas, in my loss and in my triumph against my own demons.

Aman: I would concur with Meera that story is not hers as far as specific events and incidents are concerned but I felt the choices she made, the conviction, the beliefs are definitely hers.

Abhay: Story might not be hers in entirety but her reflection is everywhere. The story had some messages and I believe her plots and characters conveyed were designed to convey what she wanted to.

BLW: Coming back to our interview, we read that this book is against Reservation, what’s your take on this?

Aman: Caste based reservation is a double edged sword that is now unfortunately doing more damage than any good to Indian system. Although orginally it was really needed to neutralize the ill effects of decades of tradition of untouchability and caste based discrimination but now it’s outliving its utility. As rightly put by Jacques Santer, “A quota is always something artificial that can only last for a certain period of time”. And as any expired item that is harmful for use, it’s damaging the health of the country in terms of education and job opportunities for the common people, particularly the youth.

Abhay: Caste based discrimination is one of the most inhuman act that had been practiced in the country till recent history. Coincidently, poverty was almost a synonym with the disadvantaged. Any policy that discourages such act was the need of the hour to stop such reprehensible practices. Furthermore, policies like caste based reservation was needed for a defined period of time to not only nullify but also to compensate for the injustice done in the past. However, any privilege that aims to help people to raise their standards and improve the quality of life eventually produce freeloaders, for people tend to take things for granted leading to complacency. Therefore it’s best to have time limited implementation of these policies so that it should not be self-defeating in the long run

Meera: If reservation at all is given, it should be provided on economic criteria or geographically disadvantaged population. Poverty is never associated with any caste. It doesn’t discriminate. Anyone who doesn’t have enough financial means to study should be provided aid or given advantage of the reservation. Importantly, it should be limited to education and not extended to job sectors

BLW: Meera’s best friend are Priya and Kiran. Are these names real?

Meera: No, these names are not real but yes author seemed to be imagining some of her good friends while writing about them!

BLW: Author has first launched this book in 2013 as an eBook. What’s the difference between First Edition and This Edition?

Aman: Because of author’s inexperience with publishing industry and the way it functions, she had launched it as ebook in little hurried manner without concentarting on promotional and marketing aspects which are the pre-requisitse for e-book sale.Encouraged by good response from reader but not having proper promotion last time, she decided to go ahead with this edition. Besides envisaging better publicity and availibility of books in bookstore, this book has been edited with little modification in story line and also with the eyes on details.

BLW: Meera, you told us that you are a doctor in this book and aspires to do Masters, Seeking Redemption, have you accomplished your dream?

Meera: Yes, I have accomplished my dream but not in India but USA. As story finishes, I am flying out to USA for achieving my dreams of doing masters.

BLW: Aman, you seem to be a mysterious guy with a troubled past. Is this your nature?

Aman: I am a little introvert person by nature but definitely not nysterious. 🙂 However my past has followed me and perhaps it has shaped the way I have become. Sometimes being a mysterious person helps you to deal with your trauma.

BLW: Abhay, you are an IAS by profession and a good person by heart. If this is your nature, what made you think that Meera slept with Aman? Will this single thought tampers your character to the readers?

Abhay: I doubt if my being a good person by heart has anything to do with the thought. This thought can cross anyone’s mind if you know that girl you are interested in, is perhaps already dating other man. I don’t think that a normal human emotions can tamper my character to the reader. Even it’s a fiction, you want to have characters with normal, even at times conflicting emotions to be able to identify with them.

BLW: Meera, whom do you feel attractive and romantic, Aman or Abhay?

Meera: What I am going to say may surprise you but Aman is definitely more attractive and perhaps romantic in his own mysterious ways. But it was understated style of Abhay’s elegance which swept me away in the end.

BLW: The book was released on October 16, is there a special reason behind it?

Aman: Yes, that was the day when I met Meera for the last time.

Meera: Yes, that was the day when I learnt to let go of my past and find myself in the process.

Abhay: Yes, that was the day when Meera perhaps took the first step in the journey towards me.

Thanks for your time Meera, Aman and Abhay. Hope you bring home laurels for the author. And to my dear readers, we’ve something more for you. On December 11, 2015, we will be publishing the first chapter of the book as a PDF, exclusively for our readers!

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