This book is a bag full of memories that will mesmerize, as you read them!

The Blurb:

Every moment that passes is not coming back. Yes, there might be moments in future, like the one you just experienced. But it’s not going to be the same again. The one that was, was one like itself. It cannot be replaced. It’s gone… Long gone… Dissolved in this crazy tasting, highly intoxicating drink of life. In an attempt to capture these bits and pieces that keep dissolving to give their distinct flavors to this colorful cocktail, I end up scribbling on my pad. This book is a bouquet of such moments that started with my mindless scribbling and ended up in verses. Sweet, Bitter, Sour, Sublime… Each piece has a taste of its own.


Last night,
It remained unsaid,
That’s what I regret,
Only if I could have garnered the courage,
To say what I felt,
It might have brought a smile to your face,
Like it once used to…
But again,
The smile part is my assumption…
Poem title: Last Night, Page: 80

About The Author:

Samir Satam,- lives in Bombay where he works as a Software Engineer in one of the multi-national IT companies. He is an avid reader, a serious cinema lover and an individualist by nature. At an early age, he started writing his diary in verses and thus developed his passion for poetry. Postcards from Memory is his first book of poetry.

The Review:

It’s the first time I am reviewing a poetry book, which is easy not at all. In a novel, you go with the flow of events but in a poetry book every time there is a fresh tale, a new scar and an unknown healer. The book title was catchy enough to attract my attention. Being poetic at heart I was curious to read it, thanks to First Step Publishing for providing me a review copy.

The Reviewer’s Heart…

“Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.” -Robert Frost

This is exactly I felt reading “Postcards From Memory” by Samir Satam. I liked the opening quote of the book which says, “Life is a large waiting room, Everybody seems to be waiting for something.” It instantly did set my mood to read it further. The book has been divided into ten different segments like; longing, stolen moments, ramblings, love, life and a little nostalgia, a point of view, lost moments, one for the road, flirting with death, temptations and idle mornings. The poet has very artfully brought up the raw emotions that we come across in our day to day or least at some point of our lives. Each of them has a story to tell. I could connect myself to many of his poems and some of them were so ideally tempting that I wish experiencing them. I would love to mention about the poems which I found exceptionally good. In the poem “A Lost Thought”, the protagonist longs to meet his girl and express his feelings. He imagines and prepares himself but as the day progresses, that thought seeps into the corner of his mind. And finally when he meets her in the evening, looking breathtakingly beautiful; he forgets all he had prepared to say. Doesn’t that happen with all of us? We wish to speak but words deny to spill out. “Villain”, talks about the hidden demon within all of us; to which when profess from outside gets evoked but… within a shield of heroism. “Reading”, I could so much resonate to this poem. It is a sweet treat for all the book lovers. “Silent Telephone”, when you end up fighting with your dear one and the ego take its seat in the first place. Grudges is what you hold on and the bond is what you lose on.

What I liked?

The poet has preferred simple language and yet his writing style has an intriguing touch to keep reader’s interest and attention. I liked the variety of themes he chose to write on, that saved the book from a monotonous read. The book cover goes perfect with the book title.

What I disliked?

I wish if only the book could have been edited a little better. Also, I felt the book ended so quickly as I wanted to read more 🙂

Why should one read this book?

If you are planning to read a good poetry book or if you aspire to start writing poems on your own then, this book could inspire you to hold your pen and dig down to your power of imagination. A wonderful read for all the poetry lovers.

Blurb: 4/5
Description: 4/5
Writing Style: 3.5/5
Editing: 4/5
Excerpt: 4/5
Book Cover: 4/5
Overall Rating: 4/5

Book Details:
Title: Postcards from Memory
Authors: Samir Satam
Type: Paperback
Publisher: First Step Publishing
Language: English
Pages: 132
Year of Publication: 2014
Price: 195 INR
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Stars… To this inspiring poetry book, I give a four-star rating. Keep writing, Samir!

Postcards From Memory is a bag full of memories that will mesmerize, as you read them!! This book will inspire you to hold your pen and dig down to your power of imagination and write! A ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Book! Highly recommended to all the Poetry Lovers. No second thoughts!

This book was given to me by the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. I am glad to read and review it. The opinions expressed in the review are my own, and remain unbiased and uninfluenced. I have given a four-star rating on Goodreads and FlipKart as I felt nothing less than that would be fair.

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