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BLW: Let’s welcome the successful Indian newbie author Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra to Book Lovers World.

Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra: I’m honoured, humbled and obliged beyond measure to be a part of this interview. The same goes for this beautiful anthology depicted to Friendship, one of the most sacred bonds present. The book contains 25 stories on friendship and my story SPARKO is a part of this awesome anthology.

BLW: Firstly, congratulations on the launch of your book “Friendship- Bonds Beyond Time”. Tell us a little about yourself.

Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra: Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra, 22 years of age has freshly graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Haldia Institute of Technology, Haldia. He also has a passion for writing poetry, short stories, novellas and plays and has published his works in various national and international magazines, books and journals. Biswadeep believes he is a simple guy in a complicated world.

Introvert, dreamer, pre-occupied, fighter, poet, are the adjectives that you might use to describe him!!! He has his short story in the upcoming books-

1) Case Files of the Dead by Author’s Ink India
2) Turning Point of Life by Author’s Ink India
3) Album of Heart-an anthology by Moments Publishers
4) Love Stories Around Us by Shades-different colors of young minds
5) Anecdotes of Love by Airavat Publishing
6) Lovingly Yours by Sanmati Publishers
7) Accidental Anthology by AuthorsInkIndia
8) Collapsed Lexicon by Kool Kids Press
9) Purple Hues by Sanmati Publishers
10) Lyrical Rebellions by Sanmati Publishers (Soon to be released)
11) Melody of Life by AuthorsInkIndia (Soon to be released)
12) Friendship-Bonds Beyond Time by Shades Publications

He can be reached at-
Facebook: – https://www.facebook.com/biswadeep.g.hazra
Google+: – https://plus.google.com/u/0/101590768358006561705
Email: – biswadeep93@gmail.com
Phone: – +91-9051-707-408

BLW: Tell us about your short story SPARKO, what it means to you, and how did you feel when you saw your name in the winners list?

Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra: I was absolutely elated, needless to say. I am a hard-core dog lover and instantly bond really well with dogs. Sadly I have allergies from their beautiful fur which prevents me from having them as a friend. Sparko is the story of how dogs help us in ways more than one. Needless to say, having contributed in several anthologies, the joy of being selected never dulls or fades. I was exhilarated and elated beyond measure.

BLW: Tell us about the characters of your story. Is it a character from your real life or just a piece of imagination?

Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra: Sparko as well as all characters are just a figment of my imagination, an extension of me.

BLW: What inspired you to write this short story?

Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra: My cousin sister as well as several close relatives of mine had dogs and I bonded with really well. They were an integral part of my life and I was kept occupied by them on more than one occasions.

BLW: Do you like to dedicate your work? To whom will you dedicate and why?

Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra: One of them was ‘Jimmy’ a bitch, with whom I grew up. She was extremely protective of me and we shared an amazing relationship. This story is a tribute to her.

BLW: What were your biggest learning experience(s) or surprise(s) when participating in online contests?

Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra:

BLW: Do you blog? Do you think blogging helps you in learning the art of short story writing?

Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra: Yes, I do have a blog. I blog at https://thepretentiouspandabiswadeep.wordpress.com/ where I pen down stuff to keep my sanity intact. Without writing, I’d definitely go crazy.

BLW: When do you write the most? Is there a favorite place at your home or office where you write the most? Any props that you feel lucky to keep with you when writing?

Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra: I am going to join a software company (training) soon. Due to pressure, my writing would be somewhat restricted but it would never stop. Up until now, I’ve been comfortable writing anywhere on anything be it on paper or virtually on my mobile/laptop. I am not a superstitious bunch and therefore I don’t keep any props with me.

BLW: As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra: As children we have had our own fantasies about growing up. I wanted to be so many things, a magician, a conductor (true!), a detective and so much more. Only when i grew up did I realized the absurdity.

BLW: What are your inspirations in life?

Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra: I may sound odd, but I have no role models. Not at the moment at least.

BLW: What books have inspired or influenced you as a writer?

Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra: H.G Wells’s The Time Machine, The Invisible Man, Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, Agatha Christie’s books the list is endless.

BLW: What other secret skills do you have?

Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra: None that I can recall of. I am mostly bad at everything including writing.

BLW: To be a good writer, one should be a good reader. We know you enjoy reading books. What are the best books you have ever read? Name any five.

Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra: The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, The Digital Fortress by Dan Brown.
The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collis.
The Alchemist, The Zahir and The Devil and miss Prym by Paulo Coelho.
The White Tiger by Arvind Adiga to name a few.

BLW: Message for the book lovers in this world!

Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra: Keep on reading and posting your true feelings. There is nothing more helpful to a writer than true constructive criticism.

Thank you so much for your time, Biswadeep. It’s our pleasure to chat with you… And to the readers stay back for more. For the first time in BLW, we’re interviewing all the contributing authors of the book. We hope you will like reading the response. Stay Tuned!

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