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BLW: Let’s welcome the successful Indian authors Anmol and Sanjana to Book Lovers World.

Anmol Singh: Thank you very much for the opportunity given to us.

Sanjana Radhakrishnan: Yes! Thank you for the honour.

BLW: Firstly, congratulations on the launch of your book “Friendship- Bonds Beyond Time”. Tell us a little about yourself.

The concept of Darkness always attracts me

Anmol Singh: As you all know I am Anmol Singh, now pursuing my petroleum engineering degree from DIT University, Dehradun. I am a guy who loves adventure and the power of words. The concept of Darkness always attracts me, I feel conquer of darkness is where power resides.

Sanjana Radhakrishnan: And I, Sanjana doing my computer science engineering in same college as Anmol. I would like to term myself as a girl of confusion yet clear, in love with the idea of mastering new things and changes!

BLW: Tell us about your short story Camaraderie, what it means to you, and how did you feel when you saw your name in the winners list?

Anmol Singh: Camaraderie is basically a story of two best buddies who bonded over a ‘mango treaty’. They both strive to serve the nation with the zeal they had in similar yet different routes. The story is lightly inspired from my childhood and is close to my heart.

Sanjana Radhakrishnan: Well considering this our debut story entry to be published it is very special. Seeing our names in the winners list gave us immense pleasure which can’t be described with words in spite of being officially writers. That… that… feel of getting selected in our first shot, that was it all about!

BLW: Tell us about the characters of your story. Is it a character from your real life or just a piece of imagination?

Anmol Singh: As I said before character Raghav is slightly inspired from my childhood and rest build upon our imagination 🙂

Sanjana Radhakrishnan: For me character Ravi is a mixture of our thoughts and what I saw around in people. Both combined we form ‘Camaraderie ‘.

BLW: What inspired you to write this short story?

Anmol Singh: The world of words is a paradise for me, which is the main inspiration for me to write up this story and also Sanjana’s support!

Sanjana Radhakrishnan: Yes and also he was the motivation for me to pen it, like …eh…we were inspiring each other to bring our talents out to broad audience to enjoy rather than keeping in.

BLW: Do you like to dedicate your work? To whom will you dedicate and why?

Anmol Singh: To her, for which it was her support and motivation that brought this to light!

Sanjana Radhakrishnan: And I would dedicate it to…..him? for being there and get supported and motivated easily you know!!! … ?

BLW: What were your biggest learning experience(s) or surprise(s) when participating in online contests?

Anmol Singh: Everything you do in a way teach you something that is what I believe, putting up this story was a learning experience working with a co-author mixing of two different ideas and so on. The surprise element is getting royalty for the story, which is something new!

Sanjana Radhakrishnan: As he said we were learning together as we wrote it and about this online contest, the procedure we went through; signing a contract and sending and the royalty too is a new experience altogether considering last poetry anthology we participated in similar fashion!

BLW: Do you blog? Do you think blogging helps you in learning the art of short story writing?

Anmol Singh: Yes! I recently started blogging, our blog name is ‘Arudha’, as per me a writer explores his writing skills through blogging as we are getting a review of our works which acts as manure to further writing!

Sanjana Radhakrishnan: I work along with him in ‘Arudha’, yes indeed it requires sharpening of short story writing skills.

BLW: When do you write the most? Is there a favorite place at your home or office where you write the most? Any props that you feel lucky to keep with you when writing?

Anmol Singh: I write whenever I feel like and my black diary and black ink are lucky to me in writing.

Sanjana Radhakrishnan: For me it’s more of like taking some time to create a mood or get into the imagination of the plot and I could start writing wherever I am! 🙂

BLW: As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

Anmol Singh: Adventure, adventure and adventure that is what I yearned for from my childhood.

Sanjana Radhakrishnan: From my childhood, I wish to hold power and to be strong, someone who wins her challenges with an ease of smile.

BLW: What are your inspirations in life?

Anmol Singh: My idol is late Dr: A P J Abdul Kalam.

Sanjana Radhakrishnan: My inspiration is my surrounding under change, how they evolve to do something extra ordinary and my imaginations where I see myself in glory.

BLW: What books have inspired or influenced you as a writer?

Anmol Singh: ‘HOW TO LIVE 365 DAYS A YEAR’, by JOHN A. SCHINDLER is my buddy through hard times, it was gifted by a special friend of mine; SUNNY SINGH, I would like to express my gratitude at this moment.

Sanjana Radhakrishnan: My brother, Sachin Radhakrishnan, he had this secret diary where he wrote down his beautiful poems which I happen to read when I was around 10 and I being used to try whatever my brother does having this feel that whatever he do I could too because we belong to same blood and genes; and there… I started writing and trust me first ones were disaster later on it simply clicked, genes came to force in teenage I guess! 🙂

BLW: What other secret skills do you have?

Anmol Singh: I think I hold oratory skills and am a motivator!

Sanjana Radhakrishnan: I would put myself as ‘Jack of all trades’, still bringing happiness and confidence to others is a skill I hold with my communication secretly 🙂

BLW: To be a good writer, one should be a good reader. We know you enjoy reading books. What are the best books you have ever read? Name any five.

Anmol Singh: Immortals of Meluha, Secret Of Nagas .. all books by Amish Tripati so far and How to live 365 days a year, The Other Side Of Me by Sydney Sheldon etc…

Sanjana Radhakrishnan: I go along with him for this question we share same taste in books and FRIENDSHIP – BONDS BEYOND TIME .. too!

BLW: Message for the book lovers in this world!

Anmol Singh: Keep reading and explore yourself, through words!

Sanjana Radhakrishnan: Feed your souls with good books for you are what you read!

Thank you so much for your time, Anmol and Sanjana. It’s our pleasure to chat with both of you… And to the readers stay back for more. For the first time in BLW, we’re interviewing all the contributing authors of the book. We hope you will like reading the response. Stay Tuned!

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