A Conversation With Rohan and Riya

Have you ever imagined reading the interview of the leading characters from a book? If you haven’t then get ready to meet and greet, Riya and Rohan, the characters of the book A Minute To Death by Ganga Bharani.

BLW: Riya can you tell us a little about yourself?

Riya: I am an aspiring writer. I love Rohan but I am not very comfortable expressing it to him. I enjoy him shadowing me everywhere to know if I love him. But trust me this isn’t a love story just because the guy I love is cop and I want to become a crime writer.

BLW: Rohan tell us about yourself?

Rohan: Hello, I am a cop as my darling Riya said. I am nearing my thirties and she is in her early twenties. So I am scared to propose marriage to her. She is my cousin and the girl I have always been in love with. You will have to trust us when I say it’s an Indian novel but it isn’t a Romance novel.

BLW: Is this the author’s real life story?

Riya: You will have to read the book to know that. Also, a little research have to be done to know if author has an ex who is a cop. But I can assure you that Riya is not the author’s real life character. Though I reflect a lot of her thoughts and resemble her a bit.

Rohan: Come on Riya, you are size zero and the author is fat. So readers can easily understand it’s not the author’s real life.

Riya: Shut up Rohan. She is our creator and you can’t call her fat.

Rohan: When will girls understand that fat is not offensive?

BLW: Coming back to our interview, we read that this book is a crime thriller, what’s the crime?

Rohan: It starts with a death. Death of someone always raises many questions in so many people’s life. When the death is not natural the first question will always be if it is a suicide or a murder. The book is based on the journey of one such case, the confusions, the investigations, the stupidity and creativity of Riya and most importantly about death.

BLW: Author always names two characters after her friends Deepthi and Nakul. What’s Deepthis role and what’s Nakuls?

Riya: Deepthi is Avanthika’s best friend, don’t ask me who Avanthika is. Nakul’s character will be a surprise to him and the readers just like last time.

BLW: Author’s previous book, Just, you me and a secret, has a happy ending. What about this book, A Minute To Death?

Rohan: Rohan pleasure don’t open your mouth. It takes so much time and effort for an author to bring their book out in stores and you please don’t spoil the surprise for the readers.

BLW: Riya, you told us that you are an aspiring writer in this book, A minute to death, do you become a writer at last?

Ganga Bharani: No comments. I assure you that you will not be bored reading this book. Read it to know the answers for these questions.

BLW: When the book release is planned and why was the date chosen?

Rohan: Unlike Riya, our author Ganga Bharani loves her husband, Rajan, so much. She wants to gift him the best she can on his birthday which is on the 23rd of July. So she has planned to release her book, which she considers a part of herself, on the 23rd of July 2015.

Riya: You will understand how much I love you more than what Ganga loves her husband at the end of this book.

Rohan: Does that mean you love me?

Riya: Did I say so? I was being sarcastic when I said “how much”

Thanks for your time Riya and Rohan. Hope you bring home laurels for the author like how Meera Asheeth deepthi and San of just you, me, and a secret did. And to my dear readers, we’ve something more for you. Yes, on 23rd we will be publishing the first chapter of the book as a PDF, exclusively for our readers!

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