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BLW: Let’s welcome the new energetic Indian Publisher Sachin Shresta to Book Lovers World.Sachin is a Designer by Profession, CEO & Founder of the recently launched publishing house, “Shades Publications”, and the man behind the anthology, “Love Stories Around Us”. He is a creative mind and a beautiful heart who strives to help authors get better royalty and help more budding authors to have their own books.

Sachin Shresta: Thank you for the opportunity. It’s my pleasure to be interviewed. And Shades publications is all about change than just another business making publishing house.

BLW: Firstly, congratulations on the success of first ever anthology by Shades Publications, Love Stories Around Us. Tell us a little about yourself.

Sachin Shresta: I am just another common person out of the world who is little weird, crazy in my own ways, mostly busy in my dream and imaginations and lives in the world of his ideas. By profession, I am a graphics designer and a vfx artist, by choice I am self proclaimed writer. Someday I wish to see myself successful, no matter what I am doing, I want to be appreciated for my efforts.

BLW: Tell us about your ideas behind launching the Publishing House, what it means to you, and how did you conceive the idea of publishing anthologies at first place? How long did it take to set up this?

All I had in mind,
when I chose to turn into a publisher,
was to place better royalties to Authors and Poets.

Sachin Shresta: I was just a blogger at the start. I used to carry out interviews of fresh talented writers and while interacting with them I kept on listing the points about self-publishing, how it started taking over the market of publishing. The royalty they were provided with was also not so inspiring. I thought why not bring out a change, and so I conceived the idea of converting my web-magazine to a publishing house. All I had in mind, when I chose to turn into a publisher, was to place better royalties to Authors and Poets. I knew it won’t be an easy path. I had to cross many hurdles, the biggest was arranging financial support, which I somehow managed, and after almost 6 months of research and hard work, Shades Publications was born.

I am really lucky to have a few good friends, who are authors themselves to stand by my side, all the time. I came up with the idea of publishing anthologies first, as it would let me share my perception to a lot of authors.

BLW: Love Stories Around Us is an anthology of short love stories, an enjoyable read for those who cherish love stories. We would like to know the home work you did to write this book.

Sachin Shresta: I have not contributed a single story in this anthology, rather I have complied all the love stories selected through a contest I hosted on Facebook. The response I received was overwhelming. Close to 100 people participated from all over the country, including a few from abroad. I had a difficult time finalizing the final 25 stories as I had planned to print best 25 love stories. The next big challenge was editing the stories and I had to do it on my own, as I was low on fund, and could not afford a good editor.

BLW: What were your biggest learning experience(s) or surprise(s) throughout the launching process of the Publishing House and the publishing process?

Sachin Shresta: The biggest surprise I had was once I initiated the idea of hosting the contest, I found help coming from all sides. I was really lucky to find awesome contributing authors who turned out to be equally good friends. And I wish to have them working with me in most of my upcoming projects. Regarding the process, the printing agencies are really bad with deadlines, nobody values time over there, but I would like to work on that to make sure the deadlines don’t get affected.

BLW: What inspired you to come up with the ideas of publishing anthologies?

Sachin Shresta: I found anthology a better way to get started rather than the traditional novels. Say, if you are reading a novel, and if you start feeling bored, then you either drop the idea of reading the novel or drag yourself finishing even if you are not interested. But with anthologies you can just skip the story and jump to the next, as it is a collection of different short stories.

BLW: Love Stories Around Us deals with the most beautiful feeling “Love”. Would you be sticking to one preferred style and genre in future?

Sachin Shresta: I would select genre as per the occasions. To be precise this book was planned for Valentine’s day release but due to printing delays and other problems, it was released really late. But I always believe it’s never late to start something.

BLW: When do you design/edit/write the most? Is there a favorite place at your home or office? Any props that you feel lucky to keep with you when publishing a new book?

Sachin Shresta: I am mostly a night-person, I tend to work after I return back from office, and work till late morning. I know it would have a wrong impression but I always tend to have a smoke breaks in-between as it makes be get better ideas and lets me think in better way, I know it’s my psychology. And I prefer doing a lot of research for everything I do.

BLW: As a child, what did you want to do when you grew up?

Sachin Shresta: As a child, I wanted to be a robotic engineer. I know it sounds a bit wired, but creativity is what I chose for myself. If you stick to your decisions you can make yourself what you always wanted to.

BLW: What are your inspirations?

Sachin Shresta: I tend to take inspirations from my surroundings. I prefer to stay on ground no matter how high my dreams are. I mostly read quotes and thoughts of famous personalities to get inspired. It really helps me boost my confidence.

BLW: What books have inspired or influenced you as a publisher/designer/writer?

Sachin Shresta: As a writer, I am a lot influenced by books of Dan Brown, Amish Tripathi and JK Rowling. As a publisher, am I yet to figure it out as I am just a beginner, I would say I just learnt crawling in publishing world. And as designer, there are no books but a lot of tutorials which inspire and teach me a lot new facts.

BLW: We would be happy to know about any future projects that you are currently working on?

Sachin Shresta: Right now, there is another anthology lined up for release on ‘Friendship week’ with theme as friendship. And I am planning to print a collection of poems of a good friend. Then I might print complete novels if authors come to me to help them get published.

BLW: What other secret skills do you have?

Sachin Shresta: I am not such a hideous person, so you know what my skills are and what my flaws are, and I am working to rectify my flaws every day.

BLW: We know you enjoy reading books? What are the best books you have ever read? Name any five.

Sachin Shresta: I started reading with Harry Potter books and all the books in the series have been my childhood favorite, after that Dan Brown books are my favorites. I am even a fan of cheesy romantic novels by most Indian writers, preferably Durjoy Dutta, Harsh Snehanshu, Novoneel Chakraborty, Ravinder Singh, etc. And Shiva trilogy has been one of my favorite books by Amish Tripathi.

BLW: What advice would you give to all those aspiring budding authors who like to publish their book with Shades Publications.

Write. Rewrite when in doubt. Trust yourself. Never give up.

Sachin Shresta: Just follow a few rules: – Be organized. Write. Rewrite when in doubt. Trust yourself. Never give up. Nobody said it’s going to be easy, but follow these 5 rules and it won’t be difficult either.
And the authors who ever contact us to publish their books, help will be provided to them, who seek it. And we will help and guide you in every possible ways, we can.

BLW: Message for the book lovers in this world!

Sachin Shresta: ‘There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book.’ It is a famous quote by Josh Jameson, so always do proper research and check reviews before you go for it as you would be paying for book. So you don’t have to think should I turn next page or close it once and for all.

Thank you so much for your time. It’s our pleasure to chat with you…

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