Book Preview: And… They Fell In Love! by Vikas Singal

Presenting And… They fell in LOVE! by Vikas Singal.

The Blurb:

These are three short stories or rather scenes where two people meet, know each other a bit and then start a journey together. These short stories do not end; they are the beginning of their love life.

Several times, you wonder, why two people meet for the first time and they feel that their soul search has ended. These stories are written for the people who believe in “someone somewhere is made for you.


Rajveer was, above all else, a man of tradition. That was how he’d been raised by his orthodox parents. And tradition dictated that his parents would arrange his marriage now that he had reached twenty-nine. Everything had been set up for some time, now all there was left to do; was meet with his future bride.

Her name was Priya and, from what his mother had told him, she was supposedly a nice young woman of twenty-five. While he trusted his mother’s judgment, he couldn’t help but have his doubts born from lack of knowledge. Other than a photo he’d been shown and his parents’ approval, he didn’t know anything else about her.

About the Author:

Vikas Singal is the Co-Founder Director of Ribbun Software Pvt Ltd ( He is a Mechanical Engineer working in a software company. He has been writing various short stories in various ways and an active blogger at

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Rating Preview:
Blurb: 4.5/5
Characters: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Excerpts: 4.5/5
Book Cover: 5/5
Overall Preview Rating: 4.7/5

Book Details:
Title: And… They Fell In Love!
Author: Vikas Singal
Genre: Fiction/Romance
Type: eBook
Publisher: Amazon
Language: English
Year of Publication: 2014
Price: 61 Rs.

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Vikas Singal is a wonderful blogger. This is the first time, I’m going to read his published work. I’m pretty much excited about it. I wish this book touches my heart!

This is a book preview. The opinions expressed here are my own and remain unbiased and uninfluenced. I have received the review copy. I will post my review in fifteen days. Stay glued.

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