Book Review: Metro Diaries by Namrata

This book is a perfect night read!

“Will you let me chase as I firmly hold your hand?
Will you hold me tight as I take a flight to explore my dreams?
Will you stand by my side as I take a stride in this big bad world?
Will you be the wind below my wings I soar towards the unknown?
Will you allow me to fall as I learn to find my feet?
Will you act as a shield as I fight my own battles?
Will you wipe a tear as I hold your hand in fear?
Will you look into my eyes and see me through as I confess my love for you?
Will you feel my love as I may bare my soul?
Will you be my sky if I promise to be your sunshine – together forever?”

Ah! Such a beautiful poem can be read in once in a lifetime. This book, Metro Diaries, is a collection of twenty classical love stories, has many such beautiful poems and it’s just un-put-down-able!

I am a keen observer. The first thing I notice is the cover of the book, and it certainly has an amazing cover – splendiferous in all ways!

The Blurb:

Love is one of the most amazing feelings on this earth, one that makes you the most powerful person or the most helpless person in a split second. These stories capture those feelings of despair, longing, love, lust, desire, want, dejection and admiration to create deja vu. Hold onto your hearts as you flip through these pages and take a walk down the memory lane as “Metro Diaries” will revive your innermost feelings and imbibe in you the magic of love. Touching, amusing and deeply moving, Metro Diaries – Love Classics are tales that will hold you from start till end.


From one of the stories called A secret revealed: One glance and I knew this is it. You showered your unconditional love on me in such a way that I had no option but to get drenched in it. I was glowing both from inside and outside as finally my heart had found its true calling. You wanted to take me to your world with a new identity. You urged me to leave my past behind and embrace a wonderful future with you. I was scared and confused as I felt all this was a mirage. But as they say love truly finds it way. And it did. It entered through my heart, melted my fears, strengthened my thoughts, weakened my doubts and hugged my dreams. Finally I realized the day of freedom from this curse is not far.

About the Author:

Namrata is a prolific blogger known by the name Privy Trifles in the blogosphere who romances life through her writings and aspires to make love the universal language. She dons various hats between that of a contributing author to 6 anthologies a reviewer for leading publishing houses an editor to various books and a columnist. Apart from that she is also the editor for an online magazine called Writer’s Ezine. Having mastered the nuances of finance till recently she also held the title of an investment banker closely to let it go to embrace her love for writing fully.

My Review:

It’s rare to find a book written in classical English with a perfect blend of poetry. This book is a perfect collection of short stories, all of which revolves around the most beautiful four-letter-word – Love. Each story is best in a unique way and can make you feel loved.

1. Once in a lifetime: Ah! Only once or twice in a lifetime you can read such wonderful stories. The author, Namrata, started this book with a splendiferous story. Nitya, the lead character of the story, falls in love with Ansh, whose love entered her heart, melted her fears, strengthened her thoughts, weakened her doubts and hugged her dreams, as she finally found the shores she was looking for! Truly purely romantic!

2. Then, Now and Forever: Ah! This story reminded me of my favourite book – The Notebook. But this story is a letter written by Ron’s Grandpa to his Grandma, which made him realise the true value of love. Old-gold story, it is!

3. Love thy dreams: “Love thy dreams and one day they will love you back!” That said, this is a story of love and dreams, which makes you feel wonderful. Love & Dreams, it is!

4. The Wait: This is a heart-breaking love story! Read it to feel it!

5. A secret revealed: “I do. And with your kiss you will make me free!” This is the story of a girl who fought with life until she found the true love. (This is a fantastic story – Ssshhh…this is a secret)

6. A promise of a lifetime: Two individuals meet after years in a friend’s wedding, where they exchange smiles with each other at first, later he proposes her, turning the day into an extraordinary day!

7. Will you?: This is a fantastic story based on conversations between a boy and a girl. Great promise, it is!

8. Love beyond words: This is love beyond words in the form of letters. From & To, part was just exceptional! Magical story, it is!

9. Imperfectly Perfect: Perfection is a boon or ban? This is a feel good story which will surely mesmerize the readers. Perfect Read!

10. A thing called love: I wished that this story ended positively. But that doesn’t take away any of the credits I’ve to give to this perfect story!

11. The Sole Soul mate: This story starts with a break-up and ends with love. Sweetest cutest warmest story of the book!

12. The Yellowed Diary: This is yet another heart-breaking story. One of my favourites!

13. You, me and love: This is an exceptional story about love capturing the beautiful moments in life. If someone can celebrate their fifth anniversary like this, then he/she is the soul to the other. Best of all the stories!

14. Unlocked: This story was unlocked finally with a beautiful poem at the end! Blissful!

15. Memories: Yet another painful story painting the memories etched in a picture. Truly painful!

16. A message of love: You + Me = We! Read this story to feel the message of love. Soulful!

17. Her: A perfect simple sweet story to fall in love with!

18. Love Revisited: We’ve many Rhea in this world. This is painful, yet beautiful!

19. Last Letter: This story just touched my heart. The letter, the build-up and the hope. Wow! What a story!

20. You & I: A perfect story to close the book!

Overall Rating:
Plots: 4/5
Characters: 4.5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Twists: 4/5
Book Cover: 5/5
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Book Details:
Title: Metro Diaries – LOVE Classics
Author: Namrata
Genre: Romance
Type: Paperback
Publisher: Revelation House Books
Language: English
Pages: 162
ISBN: 9381841616
Year of Publication: 2014
Price: 295 Rs.

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Namrata did a splendiferous job. This book, Metro Diaries by Namrata, is a collection of beautiful, soulful, and meaningful short stories. A ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ Book, Highly Recommended for all the Romantic Lovers who believe in the four-letter-magical-word – Love, No Second Thoughts!

This book was given to me for review by Namrata. The opinions expressed in the review are my own, and remain unbiased and uninfluenced. I have given a five-star rating on Goodreads as I felt nothing less than that would be fair.

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  1. I do believe in love and your positive review is making me feel I must read it 😀
    Have read namrata's blog. She has beautiful writing skills. Will surly read Metero Diaries 🙂

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