Book Review: Sirens Spell Danger by C Suresh, Radha S, and Karthik L

This is what you call a best-selling book!

Sirens Spell Danger

Sirens Spell Danger is a fantastic collection of three novellas by three wonderful authors under one common theme – crime thriller. Having read them previously on their wonderful blogs, I expected a lot from them, and I must say that they have done a splendiferous job!

I cannot actually call this a review, but then this is my observation and thoughts on the book. The first thing I notice is the cover of the book, and I felt that it could have been done better, but then that doesn’t take away any of the accolades, I have to give to this fantabulous book.

Femme Fatale” by C Suresh, is the story of Vicky, to be an IPS officer, celebrates the special moment of his life in a bar alone, and is lured by a sexy siren, Tanya, which leads him into so much danger. Will he survive and save Bangalore? Or be betrayed again by Tanya who tries to help him to get out of the mess? The plot is very well woven and presented well with subtle humour. I give this story a five-star rating.

Bella Donna” by Radha S, is the story of a serial killer in the city, leaving laminated paper carrying a picture of ‘Atropos’ around the bodies. Inspector Shardul Reham investigates the case using the picture. Will he find the killer? Or the killer succeeds? The story is fast-paced, well-plotted thriller with the best use of the unique term – ‘Atropos’ In fact, this is my personal favourite. I give this story a five-star rating.

Bellary” by Karthik, is the story of Jay, an officer sent to Bellary to investigate a matter of national interest. Will Jay be killed by Raju for Balla? The plot is mythical, slow, and well plotted; with the addition of supernatural elements, that transforms the story to a different level. I give this story a five-star rating.

I liked all the three stories. I am nobody to comment on the writing skills. Overall, all the three has made a fantastic debut, so do check this book out.

Overall Rating:
Plots: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Twists: 5/5
Book Cover: 3/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

Book Details:
Title: Sirens Spell Danger
Authors: C Suresh, Radha S, Karthik L
Genre: Thriller
Type: Kindle Edition
Pages: 211
Publisher: Self-published via Amazon
Price: 99

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This book was given to me for review by C Suresh and not a paid review. The opinions expressed in the review are my own, and remain unbiased and uninfluenced. I have given a five-star rating on Goodreads and Amazon as I felt, nothing less than that would be fair.

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