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Coffee Date: The Real Taste of Love

We asked our authors to share about our reviews. This is what they said...

The art of translating thoughts to words isn’t as easy as it may sound. There are few reviewers who are able to bring out the essence of the book they are reviewing with as much gusto as Simran does. I love the way she introduces, evaluates and rates each aspect of a book. When a critic rewards stars to a book, he / she goes by an intangible feeling that the book leaves him / her with. This feeling is quite evident in the way Simran writes and rates. Upon giving her rating, Simran also explains why the book deserves the rating that she has given. She also points the highlights and lowlights of the book under separate titles thus creating space for an impatient reader to know the strengths and weaknesses of a book without having to read the entire review. Garnished with excerpts and quotes, Simran’s reviews are indeed a treat for book lovers.

There are book reviewers and then there is Simran! She reviews books for Book Lovers World.

Simran being a poet and author is well versed in the language and hence knows exactly what makes a book good or bad. She writes detailed reviews and that is what every author craves. For a newbie author like me, every review is like a drop of ‘manna’, an elixir that gives confidence to pen down more words.

I am extremely thankful for the review she gave for my book ‘Without You’ and also for helping me spread the word about my book. It was a delight knowing you, Simran!

Simran Kaur is an author as well as a book reviewer – thus giving her perspective a dual depth. Her ease over language was echoed in her ‘Twitter style’ tagline of my book ‘Arjun: Without A Doubt’ which she summed as ‘This book weaves magic with the sword of words.’

She caters to the impatient review-readers with an apt summary, a star rating and a brief ‘final verdict’. She caters to the patient review-readers with an elaborate spread of book excerpt, book blurb, author info and a detailed review (including effusive pros & insightful cons).

Her praise seems heartfelt and precise, since she states clearly the ‘Why I liked what I liked’. Her criticism too, is constructive – and genuinely aimed at bettering the author’s next product.

So if you wish for a book reviewer who combines delightful insights, frank opinions, thoughtful suggestions and a wide audience reach – go for Simran Kaur

Book lovers world has been such a strong support for me to promote my books. They helped me spread a world about the book even before the book was released. My book 'A Minute To death' was sent to two of their reviewers and both of them came up with the review within a week after I had sent it. I should say that the review was unbiased and very well written covering most of the aspects that a reader would look for in a book. Thanks :) :)

I truly believe that when you believe in yourself and the work you do, and when you begin to take baby steps towards actualizing it, the Universe connects you to people who begin to join you on your journey. I call these fellow travelers 'blessing in disguise'. On my beautiful journey of spreading happiness, you've truly been that blessing in disguise Simran :-) I am humbly grateful to you for such a wonderful review of '21 Ways of Being Happy'. Immense love, goodness and gratitude to you :-) God Bless!

Having my book reviewed at the Book Lover's World was a delightful experience. I remember I had some trouble in submitting my request for the review. But I received immediate and friendly assistance. Neither was I made to wait too long for the review.

For a writer, every review feels like some examination result. I was happy to see my book being so highly appreciated at the Book Lover's World. The review by Sarav is honest, candidly pointing out the weak spots of the book, while at the same time generously appreciating the book's strong points. A very well written review. I especially liked the way my novel Lemon Girl was showcased with the use of Blurb, Excerpt and Author Introduction. And the conclusion of the review in the box at the end aptly summed up the highlights.
- Jyoti Arora: Author of Lemon Girl

I think Simran did a brilliant job with my book review for Hooked, Lined & Single. There can be nothing more rewarding for an author when someone presents a very candid account of your hardwork. I wish her all the best and would love to get all my books reviewed by her. I hope she doesn't get too busy to do for me in future :-P